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August 17, 2020 by
The VRG Blog Editor

By Lucia Rivera, VRG Intern

Here are the top five vegan dish favorites of some VRG interns attending different universities in the USA. We interviewed one of our interns at each school. 

At Cornell
University (located in Ithaca, New York):

  1. Tofu stir-fries
  2. Vegetarian sushi
  3. Burrito nights
    (rice, beans, and guacamole)
  4. Lentil and
    potato stew
  5. Poke bowls

At Iowa
State University
(located in Ames, Iowa):

  1. At Heaping
    Plato: Build your own bowl with turmeric rice, falafel, and toppings
  2. At Heaping
    Plato: Build your own entrée with Pita, spicy falafel, and toppings
  3. At Clydes: Vegan
    falafel burger
  4. At The
    Roasterie: Sesame Tofu Wrap
  5. At Clydes: Plain
    bagel with peanut butter and a fruit cup

At Johns
Hopkins University
(located in Baltimore, Maryland):

  1. Fruit and
  2. Veggie burger
    with salad
  3. Vegan stir-fry
  4. Customizable
    salad bar (faro, mixed greens, bell peppers, cucumbers, carrots, chickpeas,
    sunflower seeds, and olives).

At North Carolina State University (located in Raleigh, North Carolina):

  1. Fresh Sweetened
    Peanut Butter with Banana on Toast
  2. Cereal with Soy
  3. Mushroom
    Portabella Burger
  4. Red Lentil Dal
  5. Black Bean Soup

At University
of North Carolina Chapel

  1. Beyond
    Burger with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onion, and ketchup with fries on the
  2. Build
    Your Own Burrito Station (Rice, beans, lettuce, tomato, salsa, avocado, and
  3. Rainbow
    Vegetable Curry with basmati rice (with added tofu)
  4. Roasted
    sweet potato with black beans, tomato, and hummus
  5. Falafel
    wrap with pita, falafel, lettuce, tomato with Greek salad and hummus side

Clare Broud, a
student at UNC Chapel Hill advises about variety as a vegan college student.
“The biggest tip for any college student eating at a dining hall is to find
ways to have variety.  If you’re eating
in the dining hall all year, no matter [what] your diet, you will get tired of
the food; that’s just how dining hall food works. But changing up what you eat
can help curb the monotony. At some
schools, students also are able to make their own vegan dishes, or find great
options at restaurants on campus!” Broud said.

For example, here are some
options to make yourself, as one college student did at the University of Maryland
(located in College Park, Maryland):

  1. Refried beans
    (sautéed mashed beans with spices) and vegetables in a wrap
  2. Lentil/chickpea
    pasta with sauce and veggies
  3. Overnight oats
    with fruit and nut butter
  4. Big salad with
    homemade Caesar salad dressing
  5. Tofu veggie

At the
University of Minnesota Twin Cities, restaurants on campus serve these vegan

  1. At
    Mim’s Cafe: Falafel sandwich—pita wrap with crispy fresh falafel, hummus,
    lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickled red cabbage
  2. At
    Mim’s Cafe: Falafel Plate—Hot crispy falafel with your choice of toppings, rice
    or hummus or fresh french fries
  3. At
    Teahouse: Kung pao tofu—crispy tofu lightly covered in a chili sauce with bell
    peppers, peanuts, onions, and rice on the side
  4. At
    the Afro deli: Sambusa vegetarian—seasoned potatoes wrapped in a dough and
    fried to crisp

At North Carolina State
University even the
library serves vegan cinnamon almond cookies! Whether it be through a dining
hall meal plan, on-campus restaurants, or a personal kitchen, college students
are fully able to pursue their academic passions while enjoying a variety of
vegan dishes.

Here are some past opinions
of college students.

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