Radish Soup Recipe by Archana’s Kitchen

Radish Soup Recipe by Archana’s Kitchen

Radish is a root vegetable which is pungent or sweet in taste with lots of juice. Radishes are very filling which will satisfy your hunger packs without increasing your calorie count. They have very low digestible carbohydrates and contain a lot of water, thus making it a very good dietary option for weight loss. They do have a low glycemic index which increases the efficiency of metabolism and a great option for diabetics patients. Radish, being a bundle of nutrients is often underestimated and not used in everyday cooking. When you want to include more veggies in your food, then the best option is to blend them. I have prepared the soup with purple ones but that doesn’t stop you from trying it with white ones. Radish soup can be easily prepared with minimal ingredients and tastes delicious, you will not have a clue of pungency in the soup. 

Prepare Radish soup effortlessly and enjoy as a mid snack or just sip it before your lunch or dinner during winters.

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