All About the Pescatarian Diet

All About the Pescatarian Diet

Happy National Pescatarian Month,

We hope that many of you have been
celebrating with us and have jumped into the “Go Pescatarian” challenge. We are
excited to sponsor the first-ever National Pescatarian Month. For those of you
who are new to the concept, we want to dive a little deeper into the
pescatarian diet, its history and share some reasons why you might want to
consider adopting it for at least a few days a week. 

So, for this blog post we are switching from our tummies to our brains as we learn a little more about what it means to “Go Pescatarian.”

So, What Exactly is a Pescatarian Diet

When you hear someone is a
pescatarian, you may wonder what that means. The word “pescatarian” stems from
the Italian word for fish (pesce) and combines with the English word
“vegetarian.” More and more
Americans are choosing to eat a pescatarian diet, which is primarily a seafood-
and plant-based diet (vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, seeds and

Benefits of a Pescatarian Diet

Experts say that “going pescatarian” offers many health benefits, such
as helping to support heart health, reduce the risk of diabetes, lower chronic
systemic inflammation, protect the brain and eyes in all life stages, plus much
more. In one study, pesco-vegetarians showed a particularly low risk of
developing colorectal cancer, even when compared to individuals consuming other
types of vegetarian diets, although the mechanism and link is unclear. Another recent study found that a Pesco-Mediterranean-style diet rich in
seafood and plant-based foods, along with an intermittent (8- to 12-hour) fast
may help protect against cardiovascular disease and promote longevity.

There are so many health benefits
of following a seafood- and plant-based eating pattern that it’s no wonder why
we chose to dedicate an entire month towards raising awareness of
pescatarianism. So, whether you try the pescatarian diet for a week, month or a
year—or it’s a lifestyle you already embrace—there’s no better time than
National Pescatarian Month to “Go Pescatarian!”

Pescatarian-Friendly Recipes to

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